a Soul Project

archival : too late, too late :

Two exes in one day.

Dylan and I reconcile. We sit and look out at the bay as the haze turns to clear views. I turn into a human faucet. I apologize for whatever wrongdoing I can own. He tells me that he hates me. He tells me that he loves me, and always will. He tells me I am the most important thing to have happened to him yet. He tells me he never understood any of it until I was long gone. He thanks me for bringing him to who he is today.

Nick texts me tonight. He says he thinks about me every day. He says tonight was extra hard. He tells me that he is sorry, and that he loves me still.

I'm moving, I scream!
I'm moving, I'm moving, I'm moving,
And there's nothing you can do about it!
I don't respond to him. I let the silence gather, let it fuel my impending departure.
You're too late!

You're too late!

You're too late!