a Soul Project

archival : violation :

So. I've seen fresh evidence of the ugliness of humans,
and regretfully it comes from you.

You have neglected our FRIENDSHIP for the past week.
Because what really matters first to me is the friendship.
Don't CALL ME your BEST FRIEND and then FUCK ME
and then get angry with ME when I come to you
for some emotional comfort in the middle of the night.
A better friend, a BEST FRIEND, would have responded with less vinegar.
A better friend, a BEST FRIEND, would have given me a chance to express.
But its been a week. And every attempt at communication has failed.
Why are you letting our FRIENDSHIP die?
Why are you driving it into the ground?
We will probably never be the same after this,
and I'm left wondering why it went in this direction
when I tried so hard to do right by you.