a Soul Project

archival : soundtrack to 2010 :

Everywhere // Michelle Branch - Meeting Michelle, rediscovering her music!
Hard To Live In The City // Albert Hammond Jr. - Gossip Girl, living downtown
Better Than // John Butler Trio - Good times in Mark's dorm
Skinny Love // Bon Iver - Spring friendship, Summer loss
Little Bird // The Weepies - Crying over boys
The Fisherman Song // Mae - Midnight runs
Wake Up // Arcade Fire - Where The Wild Things Are
I'm A Lady // Santigold - My personal anthem
Little Secrets // Passion Pit - Wisconsin
Be OK // Ingrid Michaelson - Days at Bella
Dog Days Are Over // Florence And The Machine - Dancing around the Cats
Walking On A Dream // Empire of the Sun - Going Editorial
Black & Gold // Sam Sparro - Re-realizing I can dance like CRAZY
Breathe // Taylor Swift - Tanner, and the start of a new year.