a Soul Project

archival : soundtrack for our movie :

Because I can't really describe it any other way,
except that I have decided a few distinct things about my life:
I'm certainly moving on from Chris,
but I will never cease reminding
or being reminded
of how I felt, or feel, or whatever.

More than a movie, I feel caught in a story, a book.
A brief exchange between us describes it, in a nutshell,
or so I so dearly hope:

After having hung out tonight, a relaxed, easy night...

Me: Hey. I like being around you.
Him: Hey... I like being around you too. You put me in a better
mood, even if I don't really show it.
Me: Haha, you kind of don't, you twerp. But I like being with you
all the same.
Him: Jeez... you don't have to be soo mean.
Me: Haha well you're grumpy and I'm twelve. I'll take yours over
mine anyday.
Him: Hahaha... Well anyway I'm heading to bed. Have fun tomorrow!
Feel free to text me if you get bored with your book on the ride.
Me: I doubt the book will bore me... I'm starting chapter 5 as we
speak, haha!! But I most definitely will text you. P.S... You know.
Him: p.s. ... love you too.

I don't care. I want to save this.
I want to store away this fragment.
It helps me push it away, for good.