a Soul Project

archival : nothing that I wouldn't do :

tonight we talked.

the beginning of gerald and kaylin's successful healing together?
here begins forgiveness.
here begins reconciliation.
here begins compassion and understanding.
here begins positive communication.
here begins our love, again?

our love has been so elusive for the past couple years.
here's a salute to our love's rekindling?

we will forgive one another, see each other as two flawed, beautiful humans,
and our lives together will flourish.

happiness is kaylin and gerald together.
happiness is seeing you laugh.
happiness is seeing you grow into your own.
happiness is loving you for exactly who you are, flaws included.

i can do that. i will do that.
i will love you for who you are, no urging or changing necessary.
i will love you despite.
i love you despite.

how it hurts to realize i'd lost sight of everything i saw on November 25th, 2006.

i see it now.
i am that girl again.
i will show you her from now on, forever and always.