a Soul Project

archival : managing to destroy my life again :

Things around me crumble
Into dust, into dust
Nothing I can trust
I'll give you anything,
mind, body, soul
No matter any toll

I could have kept you safe, warm, content
The pieces you forget to give for yourself
I would have let you roam, explore, create
The things you do best all on your own

I was never given the chance
Cut down with one swift sharp scythe
Tall blades now cropped and weeping
No breeze swaying shortened stubs
Decapitation at its finest
How many ways are there to kill a person
How many ways there are to kill a person

Estranged. Set apart. Secluded. A stranger.

Stop lying to me. Stop avoiding the truth.
You're with them and I'm not allowed.
I'm not allowed.
I'm not welcome.
Something is wrong with me, to drive so many people away.

Somehow this couldn't be the truth,
somehow I know that isn't a fair assessment,
but Anthony, all of this makes me feel like blaming myself again.