a Soul Project

archival : I wrote you my heart :

I spent the night with you and woke up full of poetry,
eloquent emotion gone unwritten.
I smell you on me,
tender and gasping,
cautious and longing.
My emotions have never surprised me more in my short existence.
Like a refueling, I was filled with life,
consumed by exasperated wonder.
I discovered myself again in you,
and found myself full of an ardor I'd thought crippled and damaged by neglect,
and found in myself a patience tempered by a lifetime of waiting.
But there's still a girl inside there,
a curious, wide-eyed girl curled up in your arms
while you stroke her hair, her shoulders, her back,
and sigh at the sight, smell, taste and touch of her with barely a beckoning.

I feel safe in your arms.
I feel safe under your fingertips.
I feel safe with you.

I will capture you and cast you back out to sea,
again and again.