a Soul Project

archival : you'd think it was over :

I take my former words back.
Its funny how that works.
I now know where he went.
He went off to Colorado.
There, I wrote it.
I said it in a recordable, re-readable form of speech.
Because of this, it wont go away,
but the ugly deed has been done.
I looked for the answer to my question;
I searched until I found it, until I was sure of it.
I went in with a purpose and came out deflated.
Though some comfort lies in the knowledge of his departure,
emptiness surrounds much of everything else.
You know, I thought it'd be easier with him gone for good.
Colorado. Chris, you escaped to Colorado.
Just like you probably had planned, all along.
I hope you both have fun there.
I hope you forget me there,
if you haven't forgotten already.
Yep, I believe this journal is just about due for a revamping.