a Soul Project

archival : so many thanks to give :

Now here's a transformation I thought I'd never see.
At least, I never thought it'd be so drastic.
I'm in love. REAL love.
Better than before.
Better than ever!
And now, in desperation
for the blinking of my text message's full capacity,
I'm writing down the things
I couldn't bring myself to delete
so that my memory one day
may alight upon these sweet new times.
Future me may remember the trivialities he sent
that set my heart ablaze:

Mon, Nov 27th 11:21am
O I know its amazing! I love snow! It is my
favorite weather! I think the most romantic
thing ever would be to kiss someone in the snow.

Wed, Dec 27th 12:53pm
Hey my little coco puff what are you doin?

Sat, Jan 20th 7:54pm
Thanks baby. You too. I was so happy to see
you there. It made me play better, not nervous.

Sun, Jan 21st 9:15am
I miss you too baby. I love you with all my
heart. I'm yours, love.

Mon, Feb 12th 9:10am
Babyyyyyy! How are you love? I miss you so bad!
I haven't seen you in forever! I cant wait for
tonight. Hope you have a wonderful day. Your
boy loves you.

Tue, Feb 13th 8:52pm
Baby! I miss you so much! I have never been so
happy in my entire life as when I'm with you.

Wed, Feb 14th 6:45am
How are you feeling this morning love? I miss
you so bad. Have a great day baby.

Thu, Feb 22 8:34am
Hope you slept well love. How I miss you. I long
for you every second of every day. You brighten my
day and always put me in a good mood. I will love
you for the rest of my life and beyond.