a Soul Project

archival : third discussion :

You should hear
some of the things
he says to me.
Cameron, you're a dear.
You're young and awkward,
somewhat unsure,
but you've got it together.
I know I was the one
that called you, and
that I was the one
that wanted to talk.
And even if your
heart wasn't in it at first,
it helped me
more than you know.
It always helps.
But at the same time,
your words shined light on
concepts I'd felt but
not ever been able to
piece together.
You said
that you could tell, now,
that underneath my
happy shell
I was hiding something.
You tore apart my
genuine mask,
analysing it in barely
a few sentences,
and I felt a levee
break within me.
It feels good to be
understood, to be noticed.