a Soul Project

archival : thank god for my girl :

You want to know
what she said to him?
You want to know what she said,
without my knowing?
Without even having to ask:
Chris - this is Mags. 
Idk what exactly
You were expecting to do
W/that message,
Or what kind of response you wanted.
But honestly...
What exactly was your point?
Were u expecting her
To be guilted into doing
What you wanted her to do (again?)?
Expecting that she would
Actually care/listen
To what you said?
Trying to be the "good" guy?
-I see right thru it.
You're not fooling anyone.
Nobodys perfect
-Especially not you.
Let me remind you
-You were the one that
Screwed that relationship up.
She is the most
Amazing girl in the world,
And if you couldn't see that
And treat her like
The gorgeous person she is,
Then you don't deserve her.
U put her thru so much shit
That she didn't deserve
And now it needs to stop.
Your relationship = over.
So stop the bullshit.
Leave her alone.
She's not yours 2 worry about anymore. 
You know that I love her
More than anyone/anything else
In the entire world.
Did you really think
That you could send this
W/out pissing me off?
Honestly chris. 
And what she does now
Is her own business
-Not yours.
Back off.
Don't send a message back,
Nobody will read it.
Nobody cares anymore chris. 

I love you, too.
I'm fighting for control
over my feelings
every time I read this.
And I can't stop reading it.
I don't need anyone but you, Maggie