a Soul Project

archival : I remember everything :

A year ago, Homecoming:
We were one person in two bodies,
by then. So in love,
so drunk from having
sipped each other for so long.
He was crazy about me.
I was obsessed with the thought of him,
with His bare skin,
his toying grin;
and He toyed with me, oh yes.
He knew that the little girl
wrapped around his finger so tightly
would react to being tugged off.

But just a year ago, Homecoming:
He was my rag doll, for once.
Our friends teased amiably,
called us choreographed and
watched with jealous, happy smiles.
We danced like we were alone together
because really, nothing else mattered.
The single person in two bodies
moved like one dancer,
and even when the music stopped
our hearts were in our throats.

I remember everything, I do.
I remember how he spoke to me.
There are never enough words
to make memories like these,
so deep and aching and yearning,
to come alive on paper.
Its what keeps me alive, you know:
these lost feelings, these memories.
Its like reading a story
that never gets old,
or watching a movie that
you've memorized to the T.
I woke up this morning,
Teopard's small form next to mine,
and all I could think about was
a year ago, Homecoming.