Co Work

C O   W O R K

It is an honor to pose as another artist's SUBJECT. Each opportunity offers a new exercise in expansion, self-assurance and powerful self transformation. Gratitude to those I've worked with who have captured sides of me I now know I can contain.

K Y L A . F E A R

Much more than a mere photographer out of Denver, CO, Kyla is an avid listener of podcasts, a constant re-watcher of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a curious life observer. Kyla is a searcher for where people dwell, what keeps them centered and what keeps them moving.

// Kyla has brought my soul's project to life like no other individual has yet. With an endless wealth of empathy, she taps into the enigmatic, fleeting veins of deep emotive experience and leaves me breathless every time I view a photo taken of myself, saying... my gosh, that's me. Thank you, friend. Love and gratitude.


P E T E R . O L E S S E N

A Portland, OR based photographer with his roots in Stockholm, Sweden. With a background in film-making he strives to tell stories that take you beyond the two-dimensional world of the photo.

Always looking for something raw, wild and honest, Peter is no stranger to the strange and is a hunter-gatherer of light and the intrinsic candid moment.


B R Y O N . P H I L L I P S

A wanderer drawn to the the existential, the dream world created through the overlap of reality's infinite layers. A master of 35mm multiple exposure, Bryon ushers to the surface the inherent chaos in nature through the lens of surrealist photojournalism.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 12.32.46 AM.png

T I E N . A U S T I N

Tien Austin is a film photographer and creator based out of Honolulu, Hawaii. She is constantly trying to blur the line between the real and surreal, allowing the viewer to step out of reality for a moment in time.

// I give thanks to Tien for bringing me out of the depths of a long photographic hiatus by encouraging me towards film. Her experiments in soaked film and double exposure bloomed a world of endless possibility in my spirit, and so I experiment ever onward.